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Machine learning assisted design of new lattice core for sandwich structures with superior load carrying capacity

Sandwiching Machine: biscuits may be automatically sandwiched with cream or jam or with two ingredients. The biscuits are normally fed manually from the packing table to a set of vibratory conveyors. The machines may have multilanes, usually from two up to six lanes. Each lane may produce 200–800 sandwiches per minute, depending on the product and machine characteristics. Cookie cappers are full width biscuit making machine systems. Chocolate tempering: when pure chocolate is used, accurate temperature control during the process is essential. The temperature control to seed and produce stable beta fat crystals that avoid ‘bloom’ is carried out in a tempering tube that may be a separate unit or incorporated in the enrobing machine. Chocolate enrobing: chocolate coating of biscuits is a continuous in-line process. The biscuits are delivered directly, after cooling to around 25°C, to an enrobing machine. The biscuit depositing machine are transported through the enrober on an open wire mesh conveyor. They may be fully coated or half coated with chocolate. Chocolate cooling: the chocolate is cooled in tunnels with air/water cooling and accurate temperature control to ensure a clear, glossy surface to the products.

There’s a lot to be said for the humble sandwich; it can serve as a simple snack or dressed up and elevated to become a full meal. But there’s something about the combination of hot metal plates and bread that takes sandwich making to the next level, and this is where sandwich toasters and toastie makers come in.

These versatile bits of kit aren’t just reserved for toasting sandwiches; many come with different plates for different tasks. Some have waffle plates, others have flat plates and grill plates for toasted sandwiches, some even open up flat for table-top grilling. Before making a purchase, consider what you want to use your toastie maker or sandwich toaster for. Are you looking to make bog-standard cheese toasties or are you after a multifaceted machine that can be used a couple of different ways? We tested a range of different models to find the best sandwich toaster for you. 

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