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    Wood pellet machine, also known as wood pelet press,


pellet mill[/url], it is popular in the world. With the development

of biomass energy, there are several different production

technologies to convert the biomass into heat and electricity. The

wood pellet machine is the typical machine to do that. Wood pellet

machine turns the raw materials into the high-efficient biomass fuel.

What’s more, the conversion of raw material into more energy-dense

forms facilitates transport, storage and use through the rest of the

value chain. The future of the biomass is on continuous developing.

The biomass fuel would like to replace the traditional fuel

gradually. Besides, the wood pellet machine also provides chance to

start business. So the wood pellet machine is more and more crucial

for our life and industry.

Wood pellet machine is a kind of pellet machine for processing the

raw materials like sawdust, wood, peanut shell, straw, leaves and so

on. It is similar to [url=

chipper-machine/]Wood Chipper [/url]and

[url=]Crushing machine

[/url]. Nowadays, there are various different types of pellet mill in

the market. And the typical two types are flat die pellet mills and

ring die pellet mills. The wood pellet mill can process many raw

materials whatever the size is big or not, and the pellet size also

can be customized by the hammer mill. How does a wood pellet machine

work? GEMCO will introduce the process of making wood pellets from

homemade pellet mill and complete pellet plant.

For the different applications, there are homemade pellet mill and

complete pellet plant to choose. The homemade pellet mill also called

small pellet mill, but it is easy to handle and can meet the

requirements of home use. While, the complete plant is usually used

in the factory.

Homemade wood pellet mill, as the name suggested, is suitable for

home use. Due to the advantages of homemade pellet mill, people can

make wood pellets at home with small pellet mill by themselves. And

these wood pellets can be used as fuel for home heating, BBQ or the

fireplace. There are four types engine for homemade pellet machine to

choose, including electric motor, diesel, PTO and gasoline motor.

Other pellet equipment like

[url=]Feed Pellet

Machine[/url], [url=

line/]Biofuel Pellet Line[/url] and


equipment/]Pellet Line Accessory Equipment[/url] are also widely


Another equipment for food producing like the wood pellet mill is

called food processing equipment.


Processing Machine[/url] is an umbrella term referring to the

components, processing machines, and systems used to handle, prepare,

cook, store, and package food and food products. Although this

equipment is primarily aimed toward the transformation—i.e.,

increasing the palatability, consumability, and digestibility—or

preservation—i.e., extending the shelf life—of food, some pieces of

equipment are also employed to perform preliminary or auxiliary

functions, such as handling, preparation, and packaging.

Employed for food and food product applications ranging from bakery

goods to beverages and dairy to produce, a wide range of food

processing equipment is available to execute the various unit

operations necessary during a complete production cycle, such as

washing, separating, mixing, baking, freezing, and sealing. Depending

on the demands of the operation (and the overarching food processing

application), this equipment can be designed and constructed to

handle solid, semi-solid, or liquid food products by batch or

continuously. Some of the other design considerations include the

food grade material used for construction, hygienic and governmental

standards, sizing, cost, and integration of automation or analytical

components. Each of these characteristics can influence the

performance and efficiency of the equipment, but choosing the optimal

design and construction is dependent on the specifications and

requirements of the particular food processing application.

While the wide range of food processing equipment available like

[url=]Soap Making

Machine[/url], [url=]

Mixing Machine[/url] and [url=

arrive/]Packing machine[/url] can be classified and categorized in

several different ways - e.g., end product form, mode of operation,

application, etc.

The food processing production cycle can be broken into several

stages, characterized by a specific function and during which

individual unit operations are performed. For example, within the

preparation stage, the primary function is to prepare the food

material for further processing, and some of the unit operations

performed include washing and separating. Other secondary functions

provide support to the primary functions of the production cycle,

such as material handling and system control operations which convey

food materials between process stations or maintain the required

processing conditions and standards, respectively.
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