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Product Description:
Anti Virus Kn95 Face Mask For Kids
Our Advantages:
High filtration efficiency and low respiratory resistance material.
Products passing the full inspection of national recognized testing institutions.
R & D of mask for 7 years, with a complete set of testing instruments for mask raw materials and products, the quality guaranteed.
Product Details:

Factory Show:

1. What's KN95 face mask? What's KN95 standard for?
KN95 Masks have using equally effective alternate options of N95 Masks and FFP2 , means Filtration Efficiency >95%. You can check products details for more information.
2. Can we import face mask if we didn't do this business before?
A: Yes, face mask is necessaries for everyone and every country encourage import and export, you are saving people's life.
3. What kind of certificates for custom if we import your face mask? Can you offer that?
A: GB2626-2006. We can offer all documents for you.
4. How long can you ship after order?
A: 3 days for recently order arrangement. You can confirm with me before ordering
5. Payment term?
A: 100% T/T before ordering
6. Standard?
A:GB2626-2006 KN95low price Kids KN95 Mask

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